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In this post: Learn how to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish and make your own (free) Spanish Valentine's Day Cards with our Free Printables. Plus, get some ideas on books, songs and activities to enjoy with your toddler or preschooler to celebrate Valentine’s Day and spread the love in Spanish.


Table of contents: 

  1. Vocabulary: Learn 9 Spanish phrases and words to express your love on Valentine’s Day. 
  2. Books: Discover 4 Books in Spanish to read with your toddler or preschooler on Valentine’s Day.
  3. Songs: Discover 3 songs in Spanish to celebrate the season of love on Valentine’s Day.
  4. Activities: Find below 3 simple activities to try with your toddler or preschooler to get ready for Valentine’s Day. 


Love comes in all shapes and sizes, and Habbi Habbi’s I Love My Body book teaches kids to celebrate the features that make them one-of-a-kind wonderful. Learn the names for parts of the body in Spanish along with phrases of affirmation to shower your little one in love from head to toe for Valentine’s Day.

Habbi Habbi wand on a piece of pink construction paper with hearts and the leters A-M-O-R printed above.

Spanish Valentine’s Day Vocabulary



Happy Valentine’s Day!

¡Feliz día de San Valentín!

I love you.

Te amo.

I like you very much.

Te quiero mucho.

You are my angel.

Tú eres mi ángel.

With lots of love

Con mucho cariño

My heart is yours.

Mi corazón es tuyo.


El amor


Los besos (m)


Los abrazos (m)


Spanish Valentine Cards & Activities

  • Free Spanish Valentine Printables from Habbi Habbi
    For a quick and easy activity to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Spanish, you can grab a free printable here with Valentine’s Day messages and illustrations to color in with your little one. These Valentine’s Day printables are great for making plenty of copies to share language learning fun with a whole classroom or to send to friends and family for a sweet surprise. Print several copies and throw a pack of washable markers in your bag, and these printables can serve as a great craft to share during a playdate. Furthermore, the Valentine’s Day printables are also available in 6 language options - Simplified and Traditional Chinese, French, Korean and Hindi, in addition to Spanish, so your toddler or preschooler can have a multilingual extravaganza to say Te Amo (I love you) in many ways.

    Valentine's Day Printable Cards
  • Potato Print Valentine’s in Spanish
    Pick a phrase or word from the vocabulary list above and get creative. Preschoolers and toddlers who are ready to get a bit messy can enjoy pressing potato prints with letters you cut out for them to make a special Valentine. AMOR and BESOS are both only 4 unique letters each, if you are looking to make the most efficient word choices. Add in a few hearts and other shapes, and have the Trace the Shapes free printable handy for your toddler or preschooler to brush up on Spanish shape vocabulary. In addition, have them top off their card with a few smudgy handprints and you’ll have the perfect card to send to los abuelitos (grandparents) con mucho cariño (with lots of love).
  • Unleash your inner poet
    Revisit this traditional rhyme about roses and as a prelude for a spot-n-find color activity with your toddler or preschooler to revel in the sweetness and beauty of the season. 



Roses are red.

Las rosas son rojas.

Violets are blue.

Las violetas son azules.

Sugar is sweet,

,El azúcar es dulce,

And so are you.

Y así eres tú.

  • Go on a scavenger hunt in red
    Red is the color of love, so you can use the opportunity provided by Valentine’s Day to go on a scavenger hunt with your little one to find and name all the red things you can. Haddie & Lulu and the Color Conundrum would be a great place to start for ideas. You can take the scavenger hunt outside to find flowers growing in your neighborhood like rosas (roses) and violetas (violets). Finally, celebrate your word-searcher with a feast of red foods, such as fresas (strawberries) or sandía (watermelon). Wherever your search takes you, I’m sure you will find something to love.

Spanish Books about love for Valentine’s Day 

  • My Seven Wishes For You | Habbi Habbi
    Express your love for your little one with this book full of big dreams. From grit to empathy, this book teaches values from the heart. Above all, express what you love about your young explorer and get them ready for a future full of adventure. 
    Habbi Habbi 7 Wishes For You
  • I Love My Body Book | Habbi Habbi
    Love comes from within and learning to love and accept ourselves just the way we are can be a life-long journey. Therefore, start Valentine’s Day on the right foot by helping your toddler or preschooler celebrate their body and all its unique and wonderful parts. From the tips of their hair to the bottoms of their tiny toes, this book teaches vocabulary for each body part, and also how to embrace our strengths and differences - even the ones that might make us a little self-conscious at first.  

    Habbi Habbi I Love My Body
  • ¡Te quiero, Papi! | Cottage Door Press
    This beautifully illustrated book celebrates the love of un oso y su osito (a father bear and his cub). This is a tale of growing up with the unconditional love and support that we all need along the way. Beyond that, the te amo series continues with a book each for mama bear and los abuelitos (grandparents). Lots of love to go around for the whole family!
  • ¿Tú Serás Mi Rayito de Sol? | Cottage Door Press
    A sweet instant classic, you can share this story with your little one year round to spread the love. The bright illustrations will keep your toddler engaged. In addition, there’s plenty of Spanish phrases and vocabulary to learn as well - especially weather and seasons.
  • Let’s Say I Love You | HarperCollins
    Can’t get enough of the phrase and want to mix it up a little bit? This book covers how to say I Love You in 12 different languages. From Te Amo to ASL, you can follow along with cute illustrations and a handy pronunciation guide. 

Spanish Songs About Love for Valentine’s Day

  • Bidi Bidi Bom Bom | Selena
    The original, the legend, Selena sings from the heart about a love so powerful that it sets the heart aflutter. This catchy tune works perfectly to capture the attention of littles and can easily be the backdrop for a dance party as well as a language lesson. If Selena captures your little one’s heart and imagination, there are several books about her life, including Simon and Schuster’s Queen of Tejano Music: Selena by Silvia Lopéz and Lil’ Libros The Life / La Vida de Selena.
  • Un Poco Loco | Anthony Gonzalez and Gael García Bernal
    How better to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Spanish than by getting a little loco? From the hit Disney film Coco, this song is a certified toe-tapper and has the upbeat rhythm to keep even the most energetic toddler entranced. Beyond that, little ones love silly things, and this song surely delivers.
  • Dos Oruguitas | Sebastián Yatra
    Have a tissue handy for this sweet song from Disney’s Encanto about dos oruguitas (two caterpillars) who love each other but must let go to spread their wings and grow into butterflies. Additionally, this beautiful and bittersweet tune can double as a bedtime lullaby, and it will certainly serve as a reminder to cherish all the moments along the way.

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Valentine's Day in Spanish

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