Our philosophy

Easy & Accessible

One Wand accesses any of our bilingual books, puzzles or flash cards. Just turn it on and tap anywhere - no complicated settings, stickers, or need to record yourself.

Playing = Learning anywhere they tap - images, text, white space - kids get instant feedback & exposure... words, phrases, music, sounds. Hidden surprises add to the fun.

Non-Native Speakers enjoy in-line English translations (breaking paragraphs into pieces), audio for pronunciation, pinyin for Chinese, phonetic romanization for Hindi.


Multilingual: our one Wand accesses a world of resources - Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, and Hindi - books, puzzles, and flashcards.

60-300 Clips Per Book: each book is thoughtfully laid out to be simple & approachable, while still being packed with content.

Practical & Meaningful beyond basics like numbers and colors, we cover daily vocabulary like household objects, clothing, even names for extended family. But we are most proud of tackling themes like emotions, inclusion, self-reliance, global citizenship & more.

I Love my Body | Phrase Book

Every detail is tappable - nose, mouth, eyes - and reinforces positive body affirmations.

Book of Family | Sentence Book

'Mommy and Daddy couldn't have kids ... but this doesn't mean they couldn't have a big family.'

Animals, Plants & Places | Word

Learn animal names, hear their sounds and explore their habitats on all seven continents.

Book of Emotions | Phrase Book

Tap to hear music that matches the emotion - and for phrases like 'I am capable of anything!'

Maps of the World | Word Book

Every country, US State and Chinese province is tappable... plus cities, oceans, landmarks & more!

Healthy Habits | Sentence Book

Explore routines for a healthy mind and body... from eating and sleeping to playing and learning.

Made with love by H&AL

We joke that we're twins from opposite coasts (H West Coast, AL East Coast), joined by our first employed (BCG) in Minneapolis (our first project), followed by China (where we both did a 1-year externship).

In China, we ate, adventured, grew, and started a lifelong friendship. We returned to our respect coasts for business school (H to GSB, AL to HBS) and got married, where we were each other's bridesmaids. 

Now, we are both mothers, co-located in California and on a new adventure as entrepreneurs building Habbi Habbi - a journey of experimentation, vulnerability, excitement, discovery, joy, and fulfillment. 


I'm a mom of 2 (6 and 4 yo). Before Habbi Habbi, I was a management consultant for 10 years - in SF and Asia. I love boba, hot pot, sashimi, Korean dramas, Japanese onsens, and finding activities for my kids. :)

About my bilingual journey: I am ABC (parents from Taiwan), went to Chinese school (but forgot it all). I cultivated a personal interest in college that led me to a 7-year adventure in Asia. After working in China, my Chinese is proficient, but reading is still challenging. I find blocks of Chinese text intimidating and materials from Asia overwhelming. Thus, making our products *approachable* was so key!

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I'm a mom of 2 (6 and 3 yo). Before Habbi Habbi, I worked as a consultant (5 years) and in retail strategy (5 years). I love reading with my kids, summer in Maine, golf with family and friends, and dessert!

About my bilingual journey: I studied French in school, spent a summer working at a PR firm in Paris and came back dreaming in French. Now, my son is learning Spanish at school, and I am using our Wand and products to learn *with* him. The audio component is key - because it gives me confidence to repeat things out loud and reinforce my kids' learning.

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