Group Orders

Interested in buying Habbi Habbi sets in bulk? Perhaps a group order for a classroom? Stocking up for client gifts? Prepping for mega-birthday-party favors? We have helped customers with all of the above and are happy to arrange an order for you, too! Just email us at with your request, and we can send you a quote for group / bulk pricing, along with more information. 

Favorite Group Order Memories ❤ 

The first time we got a group order from this hospital, we thought they were stocking their hospital library. But then when we dropped off the order, we learned that the hospital had a program for NICU babies that would track them for the first three years of their development to make sure they were ok. When they turned 3, they would 'graduate' from the program, and our sets were going to be their graduation gift. When we learned how our products were going to be used, our hearts exploded. 

Meeting the loveliest mom who was organizing a group order for her friends. We sent the whole order to her, and when she received them, she put the piles of books all over her bed and posted an Instagram story about how excited she was. Watching the video of books spilling all over her bed and hearing her narrate her excitement ... well, it made us really happy.