Update Your Reading Wand

Updating your Reading Wand is as simple as saving files to a USB drive (and it's FREE)! You should always update to the latest version because it has important updates, especially if: 

1. You would like to add the ‘Language Mode’ option to turn off the English. The default will still be Bilingual mode, but you can change it to Target Language (or English) only. 

2. You have an older Wand that does not have the new titles loaded (and you hear ‘The file is not found’). 

3. You would like to access new languages (e.g. French, Korean, Hindi, Cantonese) or new content (e.g. new books, puzzles, flashcards).

Please note: The images here are from a PC update, but the same directions apply for MAC. If your computer is having trouble recognizing the Wand, please try a different cord (standard micro USB cord). If you have any issues or questions, please email us at info@habbihabbi.com - and we will make sure you are taken care of! 

Step 1

Download your update files

The updates you need depend on the Wand version you have. You need the following updates if:

UpdateC.chp: You will need this if your Wand doesn't play modes - or - even after BNL updates, you are not able to tap.

Habbi_CNSP BNL: If you hear "file not found" for new titles in Chinese / Spanish. (And if adding Mode Change capabilities.)

Habbi_FR BNL: If you want most updated French content
Habbi_KR BNL: If you want most updated Korean content
Habbi_HN BNL: If you want most updated Hindi content

Note: The BNL files are large and may require a few minutes to download


Connect your Wand and computer

With your Wand turned off, connect your Wand & computer with your charging cable.

The cable is a standard micro-USB cord, so if you have misplaced yours or your computer doesn’t recognize your Wand, please try another micro-USB.

Step 3

Put new files on Wand (& delete old)

IN the book folder (For BNL files)
1. Delete any old Habbi.BNL files
2. Add the new BNL files you just downloaded; if you want all languages, you should have 4 BNL

OUTSIDE the book folder (For Update C mode change)
3. Put the ‘Update C’ file you just downloaded


Close & Turn on

Close the window … eject the Wand (like you would any other device).

Press & hold your Wand to turn it on. You will hear the Wand say in Chinese 升级程序开始 – which means ‘Update starting.’ After ~20 seconds, you will hear ‘Update complete; please turn on your Wand to get started!’

Turn on your Wand & it is ready to use! It will automatically be in Bilingual mode. If you would like to turn off the English and change modes, just tap the buttons on our Mode Card. The buttons are also available in the inside cover in our newer titles.

If you have all 4 BNL in your book folder, you will be able to access all the languages we offer by just tapping the respective book – Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean, or Hindi!

Update history

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us at info@habbihabbi.com or DM us @behabbi on Instagram!  

[UPDATE 24.04.13]

KR only: BNL includes additional content for alphabet (hangul chart)

[UPDATE 23.12.14] 

CN/SP only: BNL includes some updates to reprints of existing books.

[UPDATE 23.06.15] 

Korean only: BNL includes new content scheduled for Fall 2023 release - Sentence & Story Books, along with Home Flashcard Set.

[UPDATE 22.07.20] 

Note: The Chinese / Spanish BNL will still be the same - from 21.06.26. There are 3 new BNL for the 3 new languages - French, Korean, and Hindi.

[UPDATE 21.06.26] 

It includes content for 4 new titles: Maps of the World, Book of Seasons, Haddie & Lulu and the Color Conundrum, Haddie & Lulu's Dinosaur Dissertation.

[UPDATE 20.03.03]

Biggest change: It includes all files to be able to read the 3 Modes: Bilingual, Target language only, English only.

[UPDATE 20.12.12]

Biggest change is that it includes the content for 13 new titles released Fall 2020. 

[UPDATE 20.04.03]

- Target language first. For hidden phrases, kids will hear the target language (Chinese or Spanish) first when they tap the illustrations.
- Every recording has both languages: That way, kids hear both - even if they only tap one.
- Shorter pauses between languages: 0.2 seconds vs 0.7 seconds (0.5 seconds makes a difference!) 
- [Emotions book] Hidden phrases are shorter (and we think better). 
- [Words book] This book now focuses on words only. This means when you tap the image, it will say 'Blackberry' (in both languages) - vs - 'Blackberry bushes have thorns; watch out!'


Note: We made the decision to focus on words only - to align with our future book releases, where we will have 3 categories Word Books, Phrase Books, Sentence Books. And Word Books will focus exclusively on words, in the spirit of being entry level and accessible.