Nine Catchy Songs to Start Learning Spanish

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In this post: We share fun songs in Spanish that cover the basics like alphabet, numbers, colors, and greetings. But music is suitable for any age and a fantastic way to start learning a new language - especially when the music is by Grammy and Latin-Grammy award winning artists! Between common concepts that are easier for my preschooler to grasp and some catchy beats that even I enjoy listening to on repeat, this list of both bilingual Spanish-English and Spanish-only songs are all ones my whole family loves!


Table of contents: 

  1. Spanish Greetings songs
  2. Spanish Alphabet songs
  3. Number songs in Spanish
  4. Colors songs in Spanish
  5. Spanish songs beyond the basics


Songs that teach greetings in Spanish

From hello to good night, here are three fun Spanish songs that cover the basics in greeting others in Spanish.

Hola by Mi Amigo Hamlet (Happy Land is Tierra Feliz) | Bilingual

First up is my personal favorite Spanish children’s music artist with a song that starts off with greetings and moves through various actions that you and your children can do along with the song. The song is also completely bilingual and repetitive, so each line is sung in Spanish twice and in English twice. This really helps facilitate comprehension for your children since they get to hear it in both languages more than once.

Buenos Días by José-Luis Orozco (Caramba Kids) | Bilingual

Sung to the familiar tune of Frere Jacques, this simple and short song introduces basic greetings in Spanish with a call and response that follows the format of a typical exchange you would have when asking how someone is doing. Since my daughter knows the tune already, it’s an easy one for us to remember how to sing even without the music.

Buenas Noches by Mister G (Los Animales) | Bilingual

To close out the day, you need to wish everyone a good night! This bilingual slow rock song does just that. While not exactly a traditional lullaby, this song is still a calming one that can be a great way to finish out your day. We sometimes play it when it’s almost time for bed.


Songs that teach the Spanish alphabet and vowels 

The Spanish alphabet is very similar to the alphabet in English, with only one additional letter: ñ. (If you learned a little bit of Spanish growing up, you might notice I didn’t mention ch, ll, or rr, but those have all been officially removed as “letters”.) There are quite a few alphabet songs in Spanish, but I selected this one- plus a song about the vowels- because it’s part of a great album that includes a song for each letter and then some!

El Abecedario by 123 Andrés (Canta Las Letras)

From the Latin-grammy winning musical partners Christina and Andrés, this alphabet song is a great way to introduce your little language learners to letter names in Spanish. I highly recommend the entire album Canta Las Letras to learn the entire alphabet including letter names, sounds, and even how to write the letters! They even include digraphs (a combination of letters that make one sound) so that you can learn all the sounds in Spanish.

Las Vocales by 123 Andrés (Canta Las Letras)

Once you have learned the vowel sounds, you are well on your way to learning to read in Spanish! Most Spanish letters have the same sound as the letters in English with the main exception being the vowels. This song will teach you the letter names and sounds of the vowels, as well as some words that begin with each vowel. When practicing letters, I usually spend the most time on vowels with my preschooler and this song is really handy.


Spanish songs that teach numbers 

With these two songs focusing on numbers up to 15, you and your family will have a fun foundation to begin learning to count in Spanish. (And after you learn 1-20, it’s an easy pattern to pick up and continue all the way to 100 and beyond!)

Los Números by Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band (¡Fantastico!)

This fun Spanish song teaches the numbers 1-15 and encourages kids to enjoy learning numbers. Numbers are your friends too! I personally like this one because even with a concept as simple as counting, it’s a melody I enjoy as well. 

Diez Deditos by José-Luis Orozco (Caramba Kids)

Another song from the prolific Spanish children’s music artist José-Luis Orozco, this sweet little jingle counts from one to ten using your fingers. This makes it a great interactive song for finger play with your toddler or preschooler to tap each as you count them together. We like to start with hands and then repeat with our feet and end with a tickle!


Spanish songs that teach colors 

The last two tunes on this list are both bilingual bops to learn the colors of the rainbow and also include some vocabulary words for common objects that are the corresponding color.

Azul by Mi Amigo Hamlet (Happy Land is Tierra Feliz) | Bilingual

This bilingual song introduces children to a few of the colors in Spanish as well as different objects and animals that are the respective color. There’s another singer who adds a bit of fun and silliness to the song that I always get a chuckle out of when listening. We also enjoy trying to roll our r’s when they sing rojo for as long as they do in the song!

Colores en Mi Mente by Mister G (Ritmo y Rima) | Bilingual

A swinging jazzy bilingual tune, this song covers basic colors. While there is some overlap with the previous song in terms of which colors they sing about, it also hits a few additional ones. I also like this song because it is a different style of music compared to what my family typically listens to, so my preschooler not only is exposed to colors in Spanish, but also diverse musical genres.

Spanish songs beyond the basics  

You can always add even more bilingual and Spanish music to your day! While these songs are a good start to learn some basic vocabulary, I highly recommend checking out more songs from the above listed artists and albums for even more language exposure. I added a few extra that we appreciate as well. They are some of my family’s favorites! 

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