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  • Reading Wand & Bilingual Books

  • Learn Chinese & Spanish

  • French, Korean, Hindi launching Fall 2022
  • Play-based bilingual learning

Reading Wand & Bilingual Books

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Learn Chinese & Spanish

French, Korean, Hindi launching Fall 2022 shop now

Play-based bilingual learning

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How it works

One Wand

You only have to buy our Reading Wand ® once - the same wand works with ALL Habbi Habbi books, in any language. As we release new titles, you can easily update your wand's content for free.

So simple...just tap!

Simply turn on your wand and tap - anywhere, on any page, in any of our books. Every inch is tappable - text, image, even white space! Kids love that there is instant feedback!

Books NOT screens

Our wand and books offer the benefits of technology - instant, accurate pronunciation - WITHOUT a screen! Parents don’t need to be native speakers to support bilingual learning. 

The world is just a tap away

Collector Set

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Free Printables Library

Bilingual Printables by Habbi Habbi

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My girls opened it last night and are already obsessed! I need to buy a second wand and more books for Christmas!

The kids LOVE them so much! They especially loved the musics / sounds / extra dialogue you get when tapping other parts of the page!

I love these; looks like just what we need. I just have to ask my wife for permission. [Comes back a little later] I got permission! 

This is perfect for my 2-year old and 8-year old. It introduces words and phrases to one and reinforces them for the other!

This is SO awesome. My kids are in immersion school, but I am not a native speaker and constantly looking for ways to practice at home.

I LOVE the diversity in these books. My nieces want to see people that look like them. Representation matters.

OMG. I need this immediately!
Where was this product when I was growing up? It would have been so helpful!