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French, Korean, Hindi

Launching Fall 2022

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Play-based, bilingual learning

Accessible, fun & screen-free

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How it works

One Wand

You only have to buy our Reading Wand ® once - it works with ALL Habbi Habbi books, puzzles and flashcards in any language. Easily update your Wand for free as we release new products.

So simple...just tap!

Simply turn on your wand and tap - anywhere, on any of our products to hear words, phrases and sounds. Every inch is tappable - text, image, even white space. Kids love that there is instant feedback!

NO screens

Our Wand offer the benefits of technology - instant, accurate pronunciation - WITHOUT a screen! Parents don’t need to be native speakers to support bilingual learning at home. 


New Puzzles & Flashcards

We're thrilled to release our new Puzzles & Flashcards in Chinese and Spanish... and just like our books, every inch is tappable with our magical Reading Wand.

The world is just a tap away

how to buy

Sets vs. a la carte

What's the best way to buy Habbi Habbi? Our sets offer great value - everyday bundle prices, plus kids love to explore multiple books in one sitting. You can also go 'a la carte' to pick your favorites!

Making the most of your collection

Free printables library

With our collection of 50+ free printables, you can create a passport, learn each name on your family tree, label household objects with our home flashcards and so much more. Free for our subscribers!

Turn off the english

Our Reading Wand comes ready to use in 'Bilingual Mode,' but we have added a new feature that allows you to switch modes - between Bilingual, Target Language Only, and even English Only!

Maximize your set

From making up games, to reading side by side, to bringing Habbi Habbi on the go - learn how to make the most of your set with these tips from a bilingual mom & speech therapy expert.