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On this journey, we are so lucky to be surrounded by a talented, diverse, and incredibly supportive community. We are honored that many of you have been inspired to contribute your talents in different ways. Interestingly - many moms have asked "How can I help?" And the dads have asked "How can I invest?" A separate topic to reflect and discuss one day, though it reminds us of why we chose to highlight the careers that we did - in our Careers (Vol 1 - Moms) & Careers (Vol 2 - Dads) books! 

We are always looking for passionate folks who want to help us build our global library. So if you have an idea, do feel free to reach out!

Right now, the specific roles we are looking for are:

1. Video Collaboration [For the parent who enjoys social]
Do you enjoy putting together short form video (e.g. Reels, Tiktok) and sharing on your social account? This is perfect for a parent who is a fan of our brand, who enjoys making videos, and who would like something completely flexible! 

2. Blog Contributor [For the parent who enjoys writing] 
Do you enjoy sharing your own story, tips habits in your own bilingual journey? This is perfect for a parent who is a fan of Habbi Habbi and likes to write. Also completely flexible - write 1 article or become a regular contributor! 

3. Logistics & Operations |For an energetic go-getter based in the Bay] 
Interested in seeing how fulfillment operations works? Excited about being part of the team that directly packs up delight for our Habbi Habbi families? Perfect for a young go-getter, based in the Bay Area who is interested in a regular, part-time gig. 

4. Video Development [For a creative who is familiar with video editing] 
Enjoy putting short-form videos together? Sometimes we have some ideas and would love to have help in bringing it to life! Perfect for a young creative who loves storytelling, making videos, and is familiar with video-editing software. 

All are part-time positions. If you are interested (or have another idea of how you would like to partner), please let email us at and/or let us know in this form HERE!

xo, H&AL