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On this journey, we are so lucky to be surrounded by a talented, diverse, and incredibly supportive community. We are honored that many of you have been inspired to contribute your talents in different ways. Interestingly - many moms have asked "How can I help?" And the dads have asked "How can I invest?" A separate topic to reflect and discuss one day, though it reminds us of why we chose to highlight the careers that we did - in our Careers (Vol 1 - Moms) & Careers (Vol 2 - Dads) books! 

We are always looking for passionate folks who want to help us build our global library. So if you have an idea, do feel free to reach out!

Right now, the specific roles we are looking for are:

1. Sales & Events Manager [Full Time - Requires Travel]
Are you high energy, go-getter, personable, and a driver? We are looking for a Head of Sales that is able to organize a list of events and conferences - and attend them! Role will require some weekends at events and some travel. It will also include organization and follow up of leads across wholesale, education, and libraries.

2. Weekend Events Team Member [Part Time]
Do you like talking to people and sharing / showing the magic of Habbi Habbi? Are you excited about seeing the impact of your work immediately? We are looking for Events Team Members to attend weekend events and conferences. Bonus if you're in Southern California!

2. Short-Form Video Content [For those who enjoy making videos]
Do you enjoy putting together short form video (e.g. Reels, Tiktok, Youtube)? It can be anywhere from 5 seconds to 5 minutes. This is perfect for a parent who is a fan of our brand and who enjoys making videos!

3. Blog Contributor [For the parent who enjoys writing] 
Do you enjoy sharing your own story, tips habits in your own bilingual journey? This is perfect for a parent who is a fan of Habbi Habbi and likes to write.

4. Subject Matter Expert
Do you write, teach, speak, blog, post about bilingual learning, speech therapy, early childhood development? We'd love to chat!

5. Educator
While spots for our Education Advisory Council Pilot (Round 1) are currently full - we LOVE building out our educator community and hearing how we can better serve you and our little ones in classrooms. Please do reach out and give us your feedback or just say hi!

6. Chief of Staff - including Logistics, Marketing, Operations & More [For an energetic go-getter based in the Bay] 
Interested in seeing how a small biz built by a small but mighty team works? Perfect for a young go-getter, based in the Bay Area who wants to learn through doing. This is the opposite of a strategy desk job - it will be hands-on, multi-faceted problem solving across all parts of the business!

7. Freelance PR [For the talented PR expert who is now freelancing]
Have you worked in PR but are now taking a break from an agency? Or maybe deciding to break out on your own? We'd love your help!

8. Other? Pitch us! [If YOU have an idea of how you can help - pitch us and we'd love to hear!]
Some of you have opinions of what we need, and we love it. We have heard about everything from - more disciplined email to improved paid marketing campaigns. If you have a skill or an opinion of a project you'd like to do with us, tell us! We'd love to hear - and yes - we have done paid projects with folks who have reached out!

If you are interested in any of the above, the best way to reach us is to email us at and/or let us know in this form HERE! (We check email more!)

xo, H&AL