Habbi Habbi in real classrooms

Learn how educators are using Habbi Habbi

Why schools and libraries choose Habbi Habbi

Exposure for early learners

A teacher uses Wands, books & flashcards to introduce 2 year olds to 5 different languages.

Play-based lab preschool in CA

Serve a multilingual community

All 6 branches of this diverse city's library offer every Habbi Habbi title, plus ample Wands for borrowing.

Public Library system in CT

Empower non-bilingual teachers

A non-native speaker uses the Wand for pronunciation & books like Global Celebrations for cultural exposure.

Montessori classroom in TN

Help students learn English

This English Learner (EL) liaison uses Wands & books to help students learn English across 15 elementary schools.

Public school system in VA

Build foundational vocabulary

A teacher uses books & puzzles in the library, dramatic play & other learning centers to practice vocabulary.

Mandarin Immersion PreK in NY

Support wellness curriculum

A Health & Nutrition Manager selected books that teach healthy habits - and Spanish! - for all 9 of her centers.

Head Start program in OH

How educators use (and love!) Habbi Habbi

Jenna - Lab-based preschool in CA

Kelsey - Public 1st Grade in IL

Fei - Mandarin Immersion PreK in NY

Cinthya - Dual language PreK in IL

Margot - After school (3rd-5th) in MA

Luz - English-speaking preschool in NJ

Free resources

Teacher Created Resources

Explore real lesson plans for some favorite titles, created by teachers who are using Habbi Habbi in their classrooms. Have a lesson plan to share? Email us info@habbihabbi.com


Bilingual Printables

50+ options in 6 languages: Spanish, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), French, Korean, Hindi. Thank you & holiday cards, family tree, passport set, tracing, matching, coloring & more!


Audiobook Playlists

Watch & listen to your favorite Habbi Habbi books! Monolingual and Bilingual options. Spanish stories | Spanish beginner vocabulary | Chinese stories | Korean | French | Hindi


Shop for your classroom or library

We offer sets in a variety of sizes, or can customize an order just for you - with bulk discounts on large orders.

Email us at info@habbihabbi.com to learn more. Here's what others chose, for inspiration!

Early Head Start Program: Reading Wand + 10 Spanish books in each classroom.

English Learner (EL) Program: Every book, puzzle & flashcard in 5 languages for each school site.

Third grade class: A Reading Wand + 4 Chinese & Spanish books for each student.

School district: Reading Wands + all Spanish & Chinese books in each elementary school.

Early childhood non-profit: Reading Wand + 5 books for each graduate of its program.

Homeschool Family: Reading Wand for each child + Korean & Spanish books to share.