(Free) Bilingual Printables

We are so happy to supplement our Habbi Habbi library with free resources like printables for you to print out and enjoy! They're a great way to practice the target language(s), as well as skills like tracing, matching, grouping, reading, writing, math & more! There is at least one for each Habbi Habbi book, and we hope you enjoy!  

6 options: Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Spanish, Korean, French, Hindi

Habbi Habbi Printable Colors

Seollal Card | 1 pg


Some extra special freebies

How to say family member names in Chinese | 6pg

Can’t keep track of all the different family member names in Mandarin? Neither can we! So we made this family tree activity + flashcard set of all the different family names. Print them out, draw in your family members, and arrange them into your own tree. Please note - you may call your family member a different name; for example - 外婆 wài pó (Maternal Grandma) can also be called 婆婆 (pó po) 姥姥 (lǎo lao) 阿妈 (a ma); instead of writing out all options, we chose the one we found most commonly recognized. Read more about the nuances of family naming here! 

Simplified ChineseTraditional ChineseKoreanSpanish

World travel for kids | 7pg

One of our many inspirations for learning new languages? World travel, culture, community. Who doesn't love flipping through a passport? They're filled with beautiful stamps, visas and memories of global adventures. With our Passport Printables, kids can recreate this magic at home. Learn the names of major cities in another language, as they cut, paste and decorate their very own passport... and dream of where they want to go!

Simplified ChineseTraditional ChineseSpanish

Use 'Home' flashcards to build an immersive home | 3-6pg

We talk a lot about the importance of exposure and how our whole Wand & Book series is predicated on maximizing exposure while kids play. So we thought it would be both fun and useful to provide something you can use to create a physical bilingual environment - with labels that can be cut out and pasted around the house, reminding kids of their target language vocabulary as they go through the day. These can be paired with our Chores or Healthy Habits Printables - to support an immersive home!