I am Kind
I am Kind

I am Kind

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A good example can be so powerful!  I Am Kind models things that kids (and adults!) can do to be kind on a daily basis - from sharing with others, to extending a helping hand, to being inclusive, and more.  

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Available in your choice of:

  • English-Chinese (Simplified with pinyin)
  • English-Spanish 

Book type: Word book 

Spreads: Inclusiveness, Community, Empathy, Kind words, Sharing, Helping, Forgiveness  

Every inch is tappable: 

  • Tap left-side sentences: To hear it read aloud
  • Tap right side illustration: To explore their environment, including body parts (arms, legs) and the objects around them (basketball, grass) 
  • Tap the kids' faces: To hear their conversation with each other 
  • Tap white space: For a fun musical tune, unique to each page    

Size: 19.5 cm x 19.5 cm 

Reading Wand sold separately