Habbi Habbi discount code?

Looking for a Habbi Habbi discount code? We get questions in our inbox and to our social accounts quite a bit  - so we thought we would answer here with details, transparency, and context - so you don't have to keep searching the Internet! 

Habbi Habbi does not have traditional discount codes

The simple answer is: We do not have traditional discount codes (% off). 

We also don't do this - so our community never feels like they have to "time" their purchase. 

We don't have discount codes because we try to price our Sets with Wand attractively (there is an embedded discount in all the bundles.) For example, the Starter Set is $115 with 1 Wand + 5 books (so the Wand goes from $60 to $15 - which is a $45 discount). And with our Words & Phrases Set ($200) - the Wand is free. 

And actually, given that supply costs (materials, logistics, etc) have been increasing recently, we have had discussions about whether we need to take our prices up but are trying to hold out on that as much as possible. 

What about Habbi Habbi discount codes over the holidays? 

We do love celebrating the holidays - including Black Friday. So we try to come up with something fun then. But again, they are not traditional % off. Previously, we have done things like - bigger bundles for gifting (e.g. 3x Starter Sets) or a gift with purchase over a certain amount (e.g. our fun washi tape). 

Does Habbi Habbi have a "Refer a Friend" type of program? 

We have done this in the past - but it is a limited-time program, based on our goals for that particular period. Right now we don't have a general program going on. We do have: 

1. Ambassador Program for New Languages - perfect for those excited to share more about our upcoming language launches - French, Korean, Hindi. If you are interested, please email us at info@habbihabbi.com. The benefit of the program is (1) a free book of your choice and (2) our unending appreciation. :) 

2. We are also considering launching a 10-day Habbi Habbi challenge - to encourage you to build positive and sustainable habits. More on this later, as we come up with the details, but for now feel free to check out this presentation about "How to make the most out of your Habbi Habbi collection" - put together by us, with input from our amazing parent and educator community. 

What is the best way then to get the best deal?

For individuals, it will be about finding the best bundle that suits your family's needs. If you know you would like more books later, the bigger bundles have bigger discounts embedded with them.

We do have special pricing for Bulk / Group purchases (minimum of $2K) which might be interesting if you have a group of friends who would like to put an order in together. You can find more information here on previous orders. 

You can also reach out to us individually at info@habbihabbi.com - if you'd like help thinking through what might be the best combination to get the best deal.
And regardless of what you decide, we are so happy you reached out and appreciate your support for our product, our story, and what we are building!!

xo, H&AL