Language Mode Card

Language Mode Card

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Interested in turning off the English audio? 

Our Reading Wand comes ready to use in 'Bilingual mode,' but with this Language Mode Card, you will be able to switch between the 3 modes: Bilingual, Target Language Only (Chinese, Spanish, French, Korean or Hindi), and even English Only. 

To switch modes, you will need to: 
1. Use this card*; it will be physically mailed to you **
2. Update your Wand (Free): See instructions here 

* Note 1: Our new books will have these buttons printed in the inside cover for easy access. If you have any of our 4 new titles, you will not need this card. 

** Note 2: Why do we charge $1? 
In spirit, we want to make it free for everyone - to make sure any family who wants this can have one. We charge $1, just to encourage everyone to take care of the cards and not order too many replacements because it is free. :) You can tape your card inside a book (or to a shelf) for safekeeping! (And of course... we do not charge shipping on the card!)

One Language Mode Card.
Reading Wand NOT included.

Card dimensions: 3x5 inches
Shipping weight: <3.5 oz

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Customer Reviews

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Loving the new update!

Thank you HabbiHabbi for being fluid and making changes to your product! Excited to be able to continue to share Chinese with my daughter!

Aw this is so kind! We are so happy to provide new features that continue to delight and provide joy. Thank you for your note! xo

Easy to use

So simple... just tap!

Simply turn on your wand and tap - anywhere, on any page, in any of our books - to hear words, phrases and sounds.

So much content

60-300 clips per book

Every inch is tappable - not just text! Tap images and white space for hidden audio - from vocabulary to practical phrases to musical tunes.

Free resources

Printables for every title

Our Resources page supports your language learning journey with practical tips from families and educators and a wide selection of free printable activities.