I Love My Body
I Love My Body
I Love My Body
I Love My Body

I Love My Body

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Our bodies come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.  This book celebrates what makes each of us unique and special from head to toe (with affirmational phrases) while teaching kids the names of lots of different body parts (essential vocabulary)! 

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Available in your choice of:

  • English-Chinese (Simplified with pinyin)
  • English-Spanish 

Book type: Phrase book

Spreads: Hair, Big ears, Glasses, Height, Skin, Weight, Celebrating all bodies 

Every inch is tappable: 

  • Tap left-side phrase: To hear the text read aloud
  • Tap right-side vocabulary: To hear names of body parts
  • Tap illustration: To reinforce different body parts
  • Tap background (Right): For an affirmational phrase
  • Tap background (Left): For a musical tune 

Size: 19.5 cm x 19.5 cm

Reading Wand sold separately