Habbi Habbi Reading Wand
Reading Wand
Habbi Habbi Reading Wand
Reading Wand

Reading Wand

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With our Reading Wand, language learning is no longer limited to immersion schools, bilingual nannies, private tutoring classes, or native families.

Our Reading Wand brings language learning to any home in a fun, interactive, and accessible way - *without* a screen. Just turn on and tap any Habbi Habbi book! Every inch is tappable - from the text to the image, even the white space and cover. Kids love the instant feedback; they hear words, phrases, sound effects, and musical tunes! Parents love it because their kids are learning while playing!

You only need ONE Reading Wand to access ANY Habbi Habbi book - any language, any current or future title! 

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One Reading Wand

Shipping dimensions: 8x5x2 inches
Shipping weight: 0.5 pounds

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Customer Reviews

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Sergio Rincón


Debbie Carey
Reading Wand

The children are very curious about the wand! They want to hold it and touch it to the books. They are very curious about the books and in small groups are exploring them with an educator.

Claudia J.
Incredible resource

Finding high quality bilingual resources is difficult. This one is beautiful, well-written, good quality, and brilliant. My 5 year old daughter loves to look at books but can't yet independently read. This resource gives her the independence she craves while supporting the development of the minority language.

Georgina Tenorio
Absolutely amazing!

Few things are kept in my daughter’s sphere of engagement, this is one thing she keeps coming back to daily. We’ve set it right next to her bed and she practices everyday before going to sleep. Love how easy it is to use!

Karla Ramirez

This is just a great learning and fun tool for my daughter, we definitely need more books

Easy to use

So simple... just tap!

Simply turn on your wand and tap - anywhere, on any page, in any of our books - to hear words, phrases and sounds.

So much content

60-300 clips per book

Every inch is tappable - not just text! Tap images and white space for hidden audio - from vocabulary to practical phrases to musical tunes.

Free resources

Printables for every title

Our Resources page supports your language learning journey with practical tips from families and educators and a wide selection of free printable activities.