Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores
Book of Chores

Book of Chores

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Language CHINESE

Building self reliance at an early age is important. This book gives kids both examples of and vocabulary about how to help take care of their home - from making their beds to putting away their toys. Read what others are saying.

Chinese is Mandarin, Simplified with pinyin; Hindi includes script and phonetic romanization

Bilingual book (one hardcover board book). Reading Wand NOT included.

Book type: Phrase book

Spreads: Chore chart, Make bed, Clean up toys, Set table, Wash dishes, Fold laundry, Take out trash

Every inch is tappable:
Tap phrase: To hear the text read aloud
Tap the illustration from top to bottom: To hear 3 steps on how to complete the respective chore
Tap the white space: For a musical tune unique to each page
Tap chore chart: To explore days of week, names of chores
[Surprise!] Tap the star on each page to hear an encouraging 'Good job'!

Book dimensions: 8x8x1 inches
Shipping weight: 1.125 pounds

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Customer Reviews

Based on 157 reviews
Qi’Shanna Patton
Overall a great product

I love the product and it engages my 5 year old, who is newer to the language, and my 7 year old, who has experience, in different ways. Unfortunately I do have one gripe and that is with the wand. It does not hold a change and only works for us right off the charger. This sucks because it reduces the amount my children actually use the product.

Dear Qi'Shanna - We are so sorry to hear this! This doesn't sound like our normal Wands, so we will reach out to you by email to troubleshoot. Our Wands have a 1 year warranty (the ones we are using for our events today are 4-5 years old from 2019 & 2020). You should absolutely be able to use the regularly, espeically if your kids love (which we are so happy to hear)!

Abigail Gage
¡Un producto fenomenal!

Our family has been so happy with our Spanish reader collection! I am a HS Spanish teacher and I am working on teaching my own children Spanish as well at home. These books are adorable and I am so impressed with the quality of the books, the wand, and the Spanish pronunciation. My 5 year old daughter loves the independence it gives her to practice on her own!

Chloe Suming
Amazing books

I bought the English - French books and they are fantastic. I can’t recommend them enough. The Foodie one is really cute. I Love buying them for my friends (english / Hindi) and they love it too. It’s a great one to introduce a new language in your home and start a great bilingual education for kids!

One of the best gifts I've ever given

I bought this for my 5yo daughter, who is Korean by blood but was born in the States. My husband and I are both Korean, but we primarily speak English at home since it's the language we are most comfortable with. My daughter has been showing increased interest in learning Korean these days so we bought the starter kit for her, and I'm so glad we did! She's been staying up late at night, teaching herself all kinds of words and phrases, and the best part of all - she's been practicing with both of her grandmothers, both of whom don't speak English very well. I truly believe this is one of the best gifts I've given her: more than just the books, we've given her an opportunity to connect and communicate with her grandparents. So grateful that a product like this exists!

Mercedes Neves-Hatchwell
Nice educative product

Unfortunately my 3-4 years old granddaughter too districted for guided toys yet

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