Building an immersive, bilingual home
with our Home (& other) Printables!

Chinese and Spanish Printables

We talk a lot about the importance of exposure and how our whole Wand & Book series is predicated on maximizing exposure while kids play. So for our most recent set of Printables, we thought it would be both fun and useful to
provide something you can use to create a physical bilingual environment - with labels that can be cut out and pasted around the house, reminding kids of their Chinese and Spanish vocabulary as they go through the day. 

Our In My Home printables have labels for common household objects, furniture and fixtures. Our Healthy Habits printables prompt good habits - from brushing and flossing your teeth to laughing a little each day!  And our Chore Chart empowers kids to help out with household chores (in a second language!).  You can color, cut out and hang up each set of printables to add more Chinese or Spanish (or both!) to your home environment. 

We hope they are helpful! xo, H&AL 

Tape next to daily household objects as a friendly reminder! 

Color, decorate, and make your own!