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@BeHabbi world is about inspired, intentional parenting. This means being intentional about the home culture we are nurturing. These are the values that inspire our feed, the stories we share, and the products we have picked for you. 

Understand Fundamentals

STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

STEM is often overused as a catchphrase or marketing tagline. For us, it’s not a fad; it’s about *true understanding* of the universe -- a real understanding of the theory and the ability to apply it to the real world. 

Communicate IDEAS 

Reading, Writing, Language Arts

For us, everything around reading and writing is about absorbing and sharing ideas. And it’s more than just literacy, it’s about building a lifelong love of reading, respect for language, learning the power of communication, and developing to be persuasive, confident writers.   

Express Creativity

Theater, Visual Arts, Dance, Music

Traditionally called the “arts,” these activities for us are around expressing individual creativity, across a host of different mediums. They allow us to express feelings, tell stories, communicate with our bodies, voices and brush strokes, and experience joy and release. 

Be Self Reliant

Self efficacy, independence, do-it-yourself

For us, this is the opposite of helicopter parenting. It’s about independence and being self driven. “I choose my science experiment subject … I decide what to do with my time … I choose what to learn … and I take ownership for doing it.”  

Be Gritty

Tenacity, Resilience, Perseverance

All of us can picture someone we know who embodies this - better than any definition. For us, it’s about sticking with it, tolerating discomfort, delayed gratification, and running the marathon (vs the sprint).

Feel Worthy

Confidence, Self Esteem, Mental Health

This is about having a strong center through a fundamental love of self ... and *not* falling into the trap of tying love or self worth to results or achievement. 

Show Empathy

Self awareness, Vulnerability, Communication

For us, this starts with real self awareness, involves true vulnerability, and the power to make real connections. It is also requires a recognition that there is no single story and that every person or situation has multiple perspectives. 

Engage Global Community

Culture, Geography, Language, Environment

This is about both curiosity and care for the earth (our environment) and other cultures. It’s about extending beyond our own comfort zone and learning and participating in the global community. 

Care for Self & Body

Food, Sleep, Sports, Habits

This is about investing in and caring for our most finite asset - ourselves. It’s about prevention and care - and *not* about fixing it after it’s broken.  Eating well, getting enough sleep, getting off the couch and onto the athletic field or into nature, taking care of body and mind...and wearing sunscreen :)