Habbi Habbi


Many remark how ‘global’ our product set is and ask ‘How did you choose and find them?’ We explored the toy universe … attended trade fairs, reviewed ‘best of’ lists, hunted for newcomers and looked at old favorites. In total, we researched over 2000 brands and reached out only to those whose products and stories aligned with our 9 values. These you see here are those whose stories spoke to us and whose products enable a conversation or experience for our kids (and us!) We hope you like them as much as we do.

Raddish Kids

Raddish Kids

I am from: Los Angeles, California

I play with: 4-14+ year old friends

My values: Care for Self & Body, Self Reliance, Creativity

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What I am

A monthly cooking club for kids! My mission is to deliver culinary experiences that nurture kids’ confidence in the kitchen, while mixing in education, family time, and fun. In each kit, I have illustrated recipe guides, collectible apron patches, quality kitchen tools, a complete grocery list, and more.

How I work

I offer monthly, 6- and 12-month memberships, ranging from $20-$24/month. My themes change every month. Previous favorite themes have included: Taste of India, Spring Brunch and Monster Mayhem.

My story

My founder, Samantha Barnes - mom of 2 and previous middle school teacher - operated kids cooking classes for over a decade. She decided to venture out on her own, starting with a kickstarter from her garage in Fall 2013. She has since recruited a dynamic and committed team of educators and chefs. And last summer, we moved into a new space, with a warehouse, office, and full test kitchen!