Habbi Habbi


Many remark how ‘global’ our product set is and ask ‘How did you choose and find them?’ We explored the toy universe … attended trade fairs, reviewed ‘best of’ lists, hunted for newcomers and looked at old favorites. In total, we researched over 2000 brands and reached out only to those whose products and stories aligned with our 9 values. These you see here are those whose stories spoke to us and whose products enable a conversation or experience for our kids (and us!) We hope you like them as much as we do.



I am from: Denmark

I play with: 3+ year old friends

My values: Creativity, Empathy, Grit

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What I am

I am a collection of beautiful, high quality, well made toys. I was built around the belief that ‘less is more’ and a desire for ‘fewer, better’ toys. Folks who meet me usually gasp and remark how ‘beautiful’ and ‘charming’ I am, since I merge modern Scandinavian design with storybook whimsy and meticulous attention to detail.

How I work

No instructions; just imagination. I am a platform for your stories. Take my mice camping, help me with my chores, take care of the baby …

My story

My founders, Dorthe and Erik Malil, started 20 years ago in Denmark. Dorthe grew up with a passion for design, studying first at the Danish Design School and later at L’Ecole D’Art de Marseille and Paris, which she noted was the inspiration behind many of the sweet and nostalgic details of the brand. She created me with her husband Erik, and my name comes from combining their last name (Mailil) with “leg” (the danish word for play). She has grown the Maileg family from a class project about pixies to a family of toys that now includes bunnies, mice, forest friends - all living in a charming word of hand-sewn clothing, modern furniture, and playful accessories.