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Many remark how ‘global’ our product set is and ask ‘How did you choose and find them?’ We explored the toy universe … attended trade fairs, reviewed ‘best of’ lists, hunted for newcomers and looked at old favorites. In total, we researched over 2000 brands and reached out only to those whose products and stories aligned with our 9 values. These you see here are those whose stories spoke to us and whose products enable a conversation or experience for our kids (and us!) We hope you like them as much as we do.

Hatch Baby Rest

Hatch Baby Rest

I am from: Menlo Park, California

I play with: 0-5 year old friends

My values: Care for Self & Body

What I am

I’m a multifunctional, sleep-encouraging dynamo, combining night light, sound machine, and Time-to-Rise indicator in one modern device. I’m fully customizable, programmable, and controlled from your smartphone. I grow with your family … I provide soft light for newborn diaper changes and nursing sessions; I also alert your toddler when to get out of bed in the morning.

How I work

I’m controlled by touch or from your phone: No need to disrupt your baby during sleep — control me remotely from your phone.

I can customize your sleep environment: Simplify nighttime feedings and diaper changes with adjustable hues, brightness, and sound.

I can ‘save favorites’ to aid sleep: Select from preset light and sound themes that promote healthy circadian rhythms and melatonin production for a better night’s rest (or create your own!).

I have programs to encourage healthy routines: Set a bedtime program to let your toddler know it’s time to wind down, or set a Time-to-Rise alert to let your toddler know when to get out of bed.

My story

I’m the sleep device parents always dreamed of and the product of tired parents working together to help their babies sleep better. My inventors didn’t find anything that met their needs, so they designed something that did - me. My mission is to give parents the tools they need to raise happy, healthy families.