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Many remark how ‘global’ our product set is and ask ‘How did you choose and find them?’ We explored the toy universe … attended trade fairs, reviewed ‘best of’ lists, hunted for newcomers and looked at old favorites. In total, we researched over 2000 brands and reached out only to those whose products and stories aligned with our 9 values. These you see here are those whose stories spoke to us and whose products enable a conversation or experience for our kids (and us!) We hope you like them as much as we do.

HABA Games

HABA Games

I am from: Germany

I play with: 2+ year old friends

My values: Empathy, Grit

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What I am

I am a series of different games that nurture family conversation, cognitive development, cooperation, self esteem and lessons of winning or losing gracefully.

‘Animal Upon Animal’ - is a classic wobbly stacking game with 29 wooden animals, including crocodiles, toucans, sheep, snakes, monkeys, penguins, hedgehogs, and lizards.

‘My Very First Orchard’ - is a fruit-picking game, with apples, pears, plums, and more. All pieces are wooden toys that can be used to support open-ended pretend play.

How I work

Instructions are simple. For example, in ‘Animal Upon Animal’ - players race each other to be the first to place all of my wooden animals upon the animal pile before any of the other players. A roll of the die tells players how many animals can be placed and whether any can be added to the alligator base.

My story

I was started in 1938 by Eugen Habermaaß and Anton Engel, who built a factory to make fine wooden toys & games. My Orchard game is a classic preschool game that has been played for more than 30 years worldwide. ‘Animal upon Animal’ is 12 years old and one of my most popular games; it is also the winner of the Major Fun! Award and the recipient of the Mr. Dad Seal of Approval.