Habbi Habbi


Many remark how ‘global’ our product set is and ask ‘How did you choose and find them?’ We explored the toy universe … attended trade fairs, reviewed ‘best of’ lists, hunted for newcomers and looked at old favorites. In total, we researched over 2000 brands and reached out only to those whose products and stories aligned with our 9 values. These you see here are those whose stories spoke to us and whose products enable a conversation or experience for our kids (and us!) We hope you like them as much as we do.

Tech Will Save Us

Tech Will Save Us

I am from: United Kingdom

I play with: 8+ year old friends

My values: Fundamentals, Creativity

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What I am

I’m a range of creative tech kits for 4-12 year old kids; I believe every hero starts somewhere, whether it’s squishing sculptures, sewing circuits, or crafting and coding.

My feature kits:

  1. Sew & Glow: Enables kids to design and build glowing badges that light up at the touch of a button - PING!

  2. Light Racer: Kids build their own wireless bike lights which flash as they ride, learning about capacitors, and wireless coils.

  3. Creative Coder: Introduces kids to coding through play; kids can program the kit to react to their movement.

  4. Electro Dough: Introduces basics of electricity through play; kids can make creations with the dough that buzz and light up!

How I work

Each of my kits has basic instructions in it - and all incorporate both creativity and lessons about STEAM fundamentals. For example, with Sew & Glow, kids design and build their badges … sew simple circuits with conductive electro-thread, and light up their creations. They use practical crafting skills to create glowing masterpieces, with endless new designs and combinations.

My story

I was created in 2012 with a mission to make every kid feel like a hero and to bring coding down to earth - to make it messy, cool, and creative. I want to show moms, dads, and grandparents that tech-time doesn’t have to mean screen time … and that skills like sewing and drawing are still part of technology. I started with some local workshops, teaching everything from basic electronics to coding - and realized that kids learn more when they feel inspired to make something amazing. And hence, my kits were born!