2x NEW Sentences & Stories Set (2 Wands + 20 Books)
2x NEW Sentences & Stories Set (2 Wands + 20 Books)
2x NEW Sentences & Stories Set (2 Wands + 20 Books)

2x NEW Sentences & Stories Set (2 Wands + 20 Books)

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Want to double your fun?  With our 2x Sentences & Stories Sets, you can keep one, gift one - or - mix both languages (Spanish and Chinese) to keep for yourself. 

Our Sentences & Stories Set enriches your child's language learning with fuller phrases, sentences, stories and more sophisticated vocabulary.  It features a mix of Sentence and Story books from the Habbi Habbi collection.  Every inch of our books is tappable, bringing each page to life with sound and music. Language learning has never been so playful and fun! And for even more fun, download Free Printables here.

Available combinations: 

  • 2x English-Chinese (Simplified with pinyin)
  • 2x English-Spanish
  • Mix: 1x English-Chinese & 1x English-Spanish
This set includes:
  • 2 Reading Wands
  • 20 Books

    • 2x Book of Seasons [Sentence book] - New Release
    • 2x I Am Kind [Sentence book]
    • 2x Healthy Habits [Sentence book]
    • 2x Global Celebrations [Sentence book]
    • 2x My Seven Wishes for You [Sentence book] 
    • Haddie & Lulu's Dinosaur Dissertation [Story Book] - New Release
    • Haddie & Lulu and the Color Conundrum [Story Book] - New Release
    • 2x Haddie & Lulu's Worldwide Search [Story book]
    • 2x Haddie & Lulu's Bash on a Budget [Story book]
    • 2x Haddie & Lulu and the Bad Grade [Story book]

Ordering the 2x Sentences & Stories Sets saves you $115 - vs. - when purchased individually.   

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