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Habbi Habbi aims to revolutionize the toy and kids’ products industry, through an experiential retail showroom for the intentional parent.


Habbi Habbi aims to revolutionize the toy and kids’ products industry, through an experiential retail showroom for the intentional parent.

Palo Alto, California – August 2018

Habbi Habbi (Instagram: @BeHabbi) – a collection of insights & products for inspired, intentional parenting – announces the launch of its first store, which aims to disrupt the toy retail landscape, at the Stanford Shopping Center, next to Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. 

The store, which the Founders dub their ‘Ultimate Great Room’ is an experiential space for both parents & kids that mixes elements of museum, home, and play room. Museum – in that it is a place of discovery and curation; Play Room – where kids can touch, feel, and engage with the products on site; Home – in that ultimately, it is a welcoming space. “Our goal is really to provide an amazing experience,” said Co-Founder Hanna Chiou, “Everyone talks about retail dying; we believe retail as a point of distribution is dying – but retail as a point of experience is the future – and in huge demand.” 

Designed by Bergmeyer, the space will showcase product, a small play area, and interactive exercises for kids. “We had a blast designing the space,” said Co-Founder Anne-Louise Nieto. “We wanted it to be visually stunning and a ton of fun. It includes so many things we love from our own childhood – a wall of paper cranes, floor to ceiling chalkboards, an indoor swing - and of course, great toys!” 

The products in store – a mix of tools, materials, and toys – range across different spaces that look more like values than traditional product categories. These include skill categories like ‘Understanding Fundamentals (STEM)’ but also include character categories like ‘Feel Worthy’ and care categories like ‘Global Citizenship.’ “It’s a really carefully curated set,” said Nieto who researched over 1,500 brands before selecting the final set. “We chose only those that we would include in our homes. And we wanted them to reflect the range of values that we and the intentional parent care about – which extends beyond skills and achievement and into character and community.” 

Habbi Habbi also plans on hosting programming events – from fireside chats with authors to arts & craft sessions and story time. “We want to be a resource for modern parents, to help us all be the best parents we can be and create the intentional home cultures we want to build,” said Chiou.


Habbi Habbi is a collection of products and insights for the modern parent, who aspires to build an intentional home and raise kids who are happy, healthy, humble. Habbi Habbi shares their insights and products both online (on its Instagram feed and website) and through a physical experiential retail concept, which features curated toys and products out of box. The company’s first retail showroom is located at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California.

For more information, visit www.habbihabbi.com or follow them on Instagram at @BeHabbi


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