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How do you raise emotionally secure kids? The mothers behind Habbi Habbi search for answers to tough parenting questions.


How do you raise emotionally secure kids? The mothers behind Habbi Habbi search for answers to tough parenting questions.  

Palo Alto, California – August 2018 

The question of how to raise emotionally secure kids is increasingly relevant, especially for parents in the Bay Area, where the environment is incredibly high pressure and high stakes for kids. Two mothers, Hanna Chiou and Anne-Louise Nieto - seek to answer that, along with other key parenting questions, through Habbi Habbi (Instagram: @BeHabbi)– a collection of insights & products for the modern parent. 

“We had a lot of questions ourselves when we became parents, so we looked for answers,” said Co-Founder Hanna Chiou. “It started with us talking to our friends and then our friends’ parents, and the more conversations we had, the more insights started to emerge.” For example, on the question of raising emotionally secure kids, Chiou and Nieto shared a few of the themes they found especially helpful - words from other parents on how they they approach this question

“We found the answers striking a chord with us and so many of our friends; even parents we didn’t originally know halfway across the world have written to us, saying our offering is ‘non-cliche, fresh, and essential,” said Chiou. “so we thought - why not build a product both on- and off-line to share with others?” That off-line product is an experiential brick-and-mortar store in the heart of Silicon Valley. “It’s a fully integrated experience,” added Co-Founder Anne-Louise Nieto. “Our showroom is a physical extension of our insights, and the space and products represent the values we stand for. We were incredibly intentional about what we put into that space - from our custom art to the brand partners we chose to work with.” 

Habbi Habbi’s first retail showroom is opening at the Stanford Shopping Center this Fall in early October. You can learn more about their store opening and discover more about their values and insights, by following them on Instagram @BeHabbi


Habbi Habbi is a collection of products and insights for the modern parent, who aspires to build an intentional home and raise kids who are happy, healthy, humble. Habbi Habbi shares their insights and products both online (on its Instagram feed and website) and through a physical experiential retail concept, which features curated toys and products out of box. The company’s first retail showroom is located at the Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California.

For more information, visit www.habbihabbi.com or follow them on Instagram at @BeHabbi

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