About Habbi Habbi

We created Habbi Habbi as an expression of our effort to be intentional parents.

The first step in our journey was launching our experiential pop-up store at Stanford Shopping Center, where we shared our favorite toy finds from around the world after researching thousands of brands.

That experience led us to create our own product, which we are thrilled to introduce here. Our Reading Wand & bilingual book series combine our love of books with our deep desire to raise bilingual kids, both to preserve cultural heritage and to provide opportunities for lifelong enrichment for our four children.

We hope that you love our collection and we welcome you to reach out to us on Instagram, Facebook, or email with your feedback and ideas!

Our Values

When we launched Habbi Habbi, one of the first things we did was articulate our values and what ‘intentional parenting’ meant to us. These are the values we came up with. We try to reflect them in everything we do - from the custom art in our pop-up store, to the content in our bilingual books.

We aspire to have our kids … express CREATIVITY, be SELF RELIANT, be GRITTY, feel WORTHY, show EMPATHY, engage GLOBAL COMMUNITY, exercise SELF CARE. 

About Hanna & Anne-Louise

We joke that we're twins from opposite coasts (H West Coast, AL East Coast), joined by our first employed (BCG) in Minneapolis (our first project), followed by China (where we both did a 1-year externship).

In China, we ate, adventured, grew, and started a lifelong friendship. We returned to our respect coasts for business school (H to GSB, AL to HBS) and got married, where we were each other's bridesmaids. 

Now, we are both mothers, co-located in California and on a new adventure as entrepreneurs building Habbi Habbi - a journey of experimentation, vulnerability, excitement, discovery, joy, and fulfillment. 

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