What is the Reading Wand?

The Habbi Habbi Reading Wand makes bilingual language learning fun and easy, even for kids who cannot yet read on their own. Kids (and parents!) learn how to pronounce words in another language while enjoying the instant feedback of hearing a sound when they tap. The wand allows preschoolers to 'read' independently, non-native-speaking adults to help their kids learn, and engages kids to come back and play over and over again!

How does it work?

Just turn it on and tap away. Using the bottom of our Reading Wand, tap anywhere, on any page, in any of our Habbi Habbi books and it will produce a sound. Every part of the page has a corresponding sound - for example, tapping a word or phrase will give you that word or phrase, but even illustrations and white spaces have sound - so there is always instant feedback.

Do I need to buy a different Reading Wand for each language or book?

No - you only need one Habbi Habbi Reading Wand! The same wand works for all of our books - even across languages.

Can I just buy the books without the wand?

Yes - but that requires you or your kids to be able to read in the second language already. And if you can, that's great! But if, like so many of us, you cannot - the reading wand is a magic tool that brings every page to life in the voice of a native speaker. We encourage you to try it through our Starter Set. It includes our Reading Wand and two introductory books, and it's the perfect entry into our global library.

What differentiates your bilingual books from others?

Bilingual language learning is hard. We know because we are moms trying to teach our toddlers Chinese and Spanish. We designed our collection to make it easier for families like us.
1. A system, not just books - our bilingual books come alive with the tap of our Reading Wand, so it's okay if parents aren't fluent. Every family can learn a new language.
2. In-line translations - we include English right next to the new words to reinforce meaning, and for Chinese we include pinyin next to the characters.
3. Fresh, thoughtful content - our books explore modern, relevant topics (like emotions and working mom careers) balanced with practical vocabulary.
4. Quality - we combine beautiful, original illustrations with high quality construction and materials to create books we're proud to have in our homes and to share with you.

When do your wand and books launch?

We are launching with a Kickstarter campaign during Fall 2019. Sign up for our email newsletter and stay tuned for more details!

How can I purchase them?

You can purchase through our Kickstarter campaign as soon as it launches. After that, you can purchase exclusively through our website.

What languages will be available?

We are launching with English-Chinese (Mandarin-Simplified) and English-Spanish.

How many books do you have?

Fall 2019 - During our Kickstarter campaign, you can purchase our first two books in either Chinese or Spanish - Book of Careers and Book of First Words.
Holiday 2019 - We'll add two more titles in Chinese and Spanish, Book of First Phrases and Book of Emotions
2020 & beyond - We have dozens of titles in the works (e.g. X and Y). See our Shop page for what's Coming Soon.

What is the recommended age?

3+ (Though so many parents love our Reading Wand & Bilingual Books for themselves, too!) The content in our first 4 books focuses on early, practical vocabulary (e.g. First Words or First Phrases) as well as intentional content we would like to introduce our toddlers to at a young age (e.g. Emotions).


More questions? Email us info@habbihabbi.com