Coming Soon

We are thrilled to introduce our first four books, launching Fall 2019! 
Each will be available in English-Chinese (Simplified) and English-Spanish. 

Book of First Words

Give your child a strong start to language learning!  Our Book of First Words beautifully illustrates early vocabulary like Colors, Numbers, Transportation and more. Tap the Reading Wand to each image for a special surprise - each word has a fun phrase that shows how to use it in context! 

SPREADS: Colors, Numbers, Shapes, Fruit, Vegetables, Transportation, Weather 

Book of First Phrases

The joy of language lies in communicating with others. Our Book of First Phrases gives kids the tools for early conversations - whether making an introduction to a new friend, asking for a snack or finding the bathroom. Build their skills and confidence to start interacting in another language!

SPREADS: Greetings, Introductions, Times of the Day, Snack Time, Bathroom, Holidays and Celebrations, Farewell

Book of Emotions

Learning to express feelings is so critical but can be so hard!  Our Book of Emotions helps kids articulate them - from Calm to Angry, from Powerful to Vulnerable - while demonstrating synonyms and antonyms.  Tapping the illustrations will also reveal powerful contextual sentences around the emotion!

SPREADS: Happy & Joyful, Sad & Unhappy, Calm & Relaxed, Angry & Grumpy, Strong & Powerful, Weak & Vulnerable, Worthy & Valued

Book of Careers Vol 1

arents are our everyday heroes!  Book of Careers celebrates amazing working Moms - from Surgeons to Entrepreneurs to 'Chief Home Officers.' This book gives kids the words to talk about what Mom does, the tools she uses, and what she wears.  Stay tuned for vol 2 - featuring working Dads!

SPREADS: Product Manager, Chief Home Officer, Surgeon, Entrepreneur, Judge, Art History Professor, Banker