2x Collector Sets (2 Wands + 40 Books)
2x Collector Sets (2 Wands + 40 Books)
2x Collector Sets (2 Wands + 40 Books)

2x Collector Sets (2 Wands + 40 Books)

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Bring home the Habbi Habbi magic with our Collector Set... times two! Keep one, gift one. Or mix both languages for a broad and engaging assortment of Habbi Habbi books at home. 

Each Collector Set features a Reading Wand, plus 20 Habbi Habbi books that will enchant your little ones and beautify your bookshelf with a rainbow of color.  Every inch of our books is tappable, bringing each page to life with sound and music. Language learning has never been so playful and fun! 

Available Combinations: 

  • 2x English-Chinese (Simplified with pinyin)
  • 2x English-Spanish
  • Mix: 1x English-Chinese & 1x English-Spanish 
This includes:
  • 2 Reading Wands
  • 40 Books
    • 2x Maps of the World [Word book] - New Release
    • 2x Book of First Words [Word book]
    • 2x Foodie Friends [Word book]
    • 2x Thing That Go [Word book]
    • 2x Animals, Plants & Places [Word book]
    • 2x Book of First Phrases [Phrase book]
    • 2x Book of Emotions [Phrase book]
    • 2x Book of Chores [Phrase book] 
    • 2x I Love My Body [Phrase book]
    • 2x Apples + Arithmetic [Phrase book]
    • 2x Book of Seasons [Sentence book] - New Release
    • 2x I Am Kind [Sentence book]
    • 2x Healthy Habits [Sentence book]
    • 2x Global Celebrations [Sentence book]
    • 2x My Seven Wishes for You [Sentence book]
    • 2x Haddie & Lulu's Dinosaur Dissertation [Story book] - New Release
    • 2x Haddie & Lulu and the Color Conundrum [Story book] - New Release
    • 2x Haddie & Lulu's Worldwide Search [Story book]
    • 2x Haddie & Lulu's Bash on a Budget [Story book]
    • 2x Haddie & Lulu and the Bad Grade [Story book]

Ordering the 2x Collector Sets saves you $185 - vs. - when purchased individually. 

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