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19-Book Only Set: Complete Your Collection

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Language CHINESE

Already have our Starter Set and looking to complete your Habbi Habbi collection?  We created the 19-Book Only Set for you! This book set covers a range of subjects from essential vocabulary (home, animals) to intentional topics (healthy habits, body image). It also includes our story books - following the adventures of Haddie & Lulu. Read what others are saying.

Chinese is Mandarin, Simplified with pinyin

19 Bilingual books (hardcover board books)
*Reading Wand NOT INCLUDED*

Maps of the World [Word book]
Thing That Go [Word book]
In My Home [Word book]
Animals, Plants & Places [Word book]

Book of Chores [Phrase book]
I Love My Body [Phrase book]
Apples + Arithmetic [Phrase book]

Book of Seasons [Sentence book]
Book of Careers, vol 1 (Moms) [Sentence book]
Book of Careers, vol 2 (Dads) [Sentence book]
Book of Family [Sentence book]
Healthy Habits [Sentence book]
Global Celebrations [Sentence book]
My Seven Wishes for You [Sentence book]

Haddie & Lulu's Dinosaur Dissertation [Story Book]
Haddie & Lulu and the Color Conundrum [Story Book]
Haddie & Lulu's Worldwide Search [Story book]
Haddie & Lulu's Bash on a Budget [Story book]
Haddie & Lulu and the Bad Grade [Story book]

Shipping dimensions: 12x12x12 inches
Shipping weight: 25 pounds
This set contains both small (8x8 inch) and large (10x10 inch) format books.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing set of bilingual books

I couldn't be happier with this lovely set of bilingual books. Amazing quality, great content, and adorable illustrations, and my 4 years old loves them. They were delivered pretty quickly with a sweet handwritten note. I also ordered a French set for my nephews and a Spanish one for a friend whose kids are starting bilingual school: they make wonderful gifts for kids learning a new language, and are especially helpful when their parents aren't fluent in it!

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