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Print: Be Self Reliant

Print: Be Self Reliant

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Global Citizenship | Original Art by @Sarah_Sung for @BeHabbi

What this value means to us:

Teaching Self Reliance is the opposite of helicopter parenting - it’s about being independent and self-driven. ‘I create my science experiment … I decide what to do with my time … I choose what I learn … and I take ownership doing it.’

Artistic interpretation:

A family is wishing their child farewell on his or her independent journey. The journey is not depicted as a smooth one (see stormy waters) but it will be up to the child to grow through the challenges. The path - which runs through all nine images of the Habbi Habbi values - breaks here, to reinforce the theme of breaking away and being self reliant.

Print & Frame details:

Printed and fulfilled by Printful.

Prints are made on enhanced, durable, acid-free matte paper that is of archival quality, 192 g/m² weight, 10.3 mil thick, 104% ISO, 94% Opacity. Frames are 0.75” alder semi-hardwood painted in black acrylic, with a 0.60” thick front acrolyte protector over the print. Hanging hardware included.

Unframed prints are rolled up and packaged in tubes. Framed prints are placed inside a protective pouch and bubble wrapped prior to boxing, to minimize movement and absorb shock during transit.