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Print: Be Gritty

Print: Be Gritty

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Global Citizenship | Original Art by @Sarah_Sung for @BeHabbi

What this value means to us:

Most of us can picture someone we know who embodies Grit better than any definition. For us, it’s about sticking with it, tolerating discomfort, delaying gratification, and running the marathon (vs. the sprint).

Artistic interpretation:

This runner is striving for the finish line despite many obstacles laid out in front of him. Rocks are blocking the path, bad weather is striking down, but this athlete pushes through towards his goal.

Print & Frame details:

Printed and fulfilled by Printful.

Prints are made on enhanced, durable, acid-free matte paper that is of archival quality, 192 g/m² weight, 10.3 mil thick, 104% ISO, 94% Opacity. Frames are 0.75” alder semi-hardwood painted in black acrylic, with a 0.60” thick front acrolyte protector over the print. Hanging hardware included.

Unframed prints are rolled up and packaged in tubes. Framed prints are placed inside a protective pouch and bubble wrapped prior to boxing, to minimize movement and absorb shock during transit.