Multilingual Stories

  • #HabbiHabits: How we use Habbi Habbi in our kitchen

    [Guest Post] As non-native speakers, our family is always looking for ways to incorporate Chinese into our daily lives. It isn’t the most natural thing for us, so practice is deliberate, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. One way we’ve been slyly sneaking in Chinese play with our youngest (age 3) is by pairing her Habbi Habbi book, Foodie Friends, with our play kitchen ... 
  • Language is the heartbeat of a culture: Perspective from an American mom raising an adoptee from China

    We still remember the first time we met Liz. She reached out on Instagram, expressing such gratitude and love for Habbi Habbi. As we started to chat, we were overwhelmed by her story and the recognition that our product was making a real impact for adoptive families like hers. Delving into her story was such a treat. 
  • Interested in Homeschooling? Tips on how to start.

    With schools turning to online learning and so many people opting to keep their kids at home, we wanted to get guidance from the amazing experts who do it every day - homeschool moms. Here, we share insights from our exchange with Shanell @twolightsacademy, Coast Guard Family and Homeschool Mom of her 6-year-old Sprout. She leads us through her day, shares her philosophy on picking materials, and answers practical FAQ!