Habbi Habbi Summer Reading Club

Bilingual Summer Reading

Join us for Habbi Habbi’s first Summer Reading Club
- in collaboration with and moderated by our dear friend, Eveline of Rhythm & Rhyme / Little Kozzi! This will be a fun, “virtual” challenge - on Facebook Groups - for you and your little ones! 

  • July 12 - August 22: 3 sessions (2-weeks each: July 12-25 | July 26-Aug 8 | Aug 9-22).  Participate for 1 session, all 3, or just be a bystander and observe!
  • Participation means: Joining other families in using Habbi Habbi daily and sharing your play moments and experiences 
  • Each session will be capped by: Raffle pick of 3 prizes (Habbi Habbi gift cards: $300, $200, $100) - which means 9 gift cards distributed across the 3 sessions  

Curious? Sign up here: www.facebook.com/groups/behabbireadingclub

  • No commitment! We will bring everyone in the group on July 12 when we kick off. You can decide at that time if you want to participate or just observe. 

Summer Reading Club FAQ 

What it is? 

A fun virtual ‘reading club’ with prompts, posts, and prizes. A way for you to connect with other families using Habbi Habbi, to see their play moments and to share your own, should you feel so inclined!  

What do I have to do? 

Sign up for our Private ‘Habbi Habbi Reading Club’ group on Facebook. There will be a few preliminary questions (just so we make sure you are a real person before letting you into the group :) ). 

What does it involve? 

We will have 3 sessions of 2-weeks each. 

  • July 12 - 25 
  • July 26 - Aug 8 
  • Aug 9 - 22
  • Participate for 1 session - or all 3! 

In each 2-week session, we will: 

  • Encourage everyone to play with Habbi Habbi regularly 
  • If you would like, you can post your Habbi Habbi play moments.  
  • Based on your # of posts, you can collect “raffle entries.” (5 posts in a 2-week session = 1 raffle ticket; 10 posts = 2 tickets). 
  • At the end of every 2-week session, we will hold a raffle for 3 prizes: $200, $100, and $50 gift cards to Habbi Habbi! 
  • We will also have ‘Live’ sessions every week where we will be playing or talking about Habbi Habbi - just a fun way to interact with us live! 

Do I have to post? 

No, you don’t. You can post if you’d like and if you think it’s fun. We would love to see / hear more about your #habbihabits :) 

If I do post and participate, will you post it elsewhere publicly? 

No, It will only be posted / visible within the (**closed**) FB group - HH Summer Reading Club.

Do I have to have all the books to participate? 

No! You can have 1 book from your Mini Set, 20 books from the Collector Set. Or even no books (and are a parent interested in learning more about Habbi Habbi). We just want to nurture a safe, fun space for us to share all of our #habbihabits. 

How do I sign up? 

Sign up anytime at www.facebook.com/groups/behabbireadingclub 
We will collect all sign-ups and open the group on July 12. :) 

Does signing up mean I am committing to anything? 

No! You can sign up and see what the group is like. You can always just observe first and decide if you want to participate later. Signing up for the Facebook group just gives you access to see what is posted inside.