Habbi Habbi (Free) Printables

Habbi Habbi Printables

We are so happy to supplement our Habbi Habbi library with *free* Printables for you to print out and enjoy!  They're a great way to practice Chinese or Spanish, as well as skills like tracing, matching, grouping, reading, writing, math & more!  We love using them at home during independent play or quiet time, and on the go for travel or at restaurants.

We are creating Printables for each of our books. So far, we have gone through all the Word & Phrase Books and are working on our Sentence & Story Books! 

You can find them by topic, on the following pages:

Sets pages (See "downloaded Free Printables" link) 

Individual book pages (See "downloaded Free Printables" link) 


We hope you love them!!
xo, H&AL