Multilingual Stories

  • Finding identity in the Global Chinese Diaspora:
    One mom's journey to becoming quadrilingual

    We first met Dianna (@coolmumdianna) while living in Beijing and marveled at her language ability. She can effortlessly move between English, Beijing Chinese accent, Southern Taiwanese accent, Hong Kong Cantonese, and more. Just watch her YouTube videos, and you will understand what we mean! We loved reconnecting with her, reflecting on topics like identity, culture, multilingualism, and motherhood. We hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did! 
  • Speaking Spanish in Japan:
    A Global Mom Raising a Trilingual Toddler

    We had so much fun speaking with Javi - we were fascinated by her @Japan.with.Chile account where she speaks a mix of English / Spanish / Japanese and labels her stories in multiple languages as well! She seemed like an example of a true global citizen, and we loved learning more about her story and her perspectives on raising a trilingual child in Japan!
  • Bilingual learning:
    Make it fun, make it natural, make it daily

    We recently met Yvonne, the mom behind Bilingual Kiddos and love how she is sharing her bilingual journey - from activities she does with her own kids to tips for us parents. We really enjoyed learning her approach to raising bilingual kids, especially her principle around keeping it fun!
  • How one mom pursues multilingualism at home

    Thinking of introducing a second (or third) language at home? Valicia is a mom of 2 who loves languages - she is fluent in Spanish and English, with some proficiency in Japanese and Korean. We sat down with her to hear her approach to multilingualism, which centers around respect for language and culture… and her love of books!
  • Interested in Homeschooling? Tips on how to start.

    With schools turning to online learning and so many people opting to keep their kids at home, we wanted to get guidance from the amazing experts who do it every day - homeschool moms. Here, we share insights from our exchange with Shanell @twolightsacademy, Coast Guard Family and Homeschool Mom of her 6-year-old Sprout. She leads us through her day, shares her philosophy on picking materials, and answers practical FAQ! 

  • Tips from a Chinese Tutor:
    Structuring a bilingual environment at home

    We were thrilled to sit down with Mandy - originally from Shanghai, she is now a private tutor and creator of ‘Fun with Joy Mandarin.' Given her experience teaching kids of all ages - from <1 yr to high school - we were interested in hearing her tips on setting up a bilingual learning environment at home. We loved our chat and hearing tips that don't require formal tutors or teachers. We hope you find it helpful too!