Habbi Habbi


About Us


What is Habbi Habbi?

We are a collection of curated products and insights for modern parents - who also aspire to nurture a next generation that is happy, healthy, humble. We launched first with an experiential playroom in the Stanford Shopping Center for the Holidays of 2018. We received an outpouring of love from the community (thank you all!), and we are now working on our next steps - to be announced soon!


Where did your shop go? Do you still sell product?

Our physical shop was a holiday-only pop up. But on our site’s shop page, you can still buy our prints, which are an illustrated depiction of our 9 values. (We made them available for purchase because so many visitors who stopped by the shop asked to buy them for their nurseries and kids rooms!) You can also see a list of the 26 brands that were featured in our 2018 Holiday pop-up. For other products, stay tuned!  


What does Happy . Healthy . Humble mean?

So many things - but in essence it’s about *holistic* development  
… Teaching critical skills like STEM – AND – nurturing character traits like creativity and resourcefulness
… Building them to be capable individuals – AND – empathetic contributors
… Applauding their achievements – AND - their efforts  


How do you both know each other? 

We joke that we’re twins from opposite coasts (H West Coast, AL East Coast), joined together at our first employer (BCG) in Minneapolis (our first case), followed by China (where we both did a 1 year externship).

In China, we ate, adventured, grew, and started a lifelong friendship. We returned to our respective coasts for business school (H West to GSB, A East to HBS), got married, where we were each other’s bridesmaids. 

Now, we are both mothers, co-located in California, and starting a new adventure as partners building @BeHabbi, which means for us … a journey of experimentation, vulnerability, excitement, discovery, joy, and fulfillment. 


What are your stories?

Hanna: For me, it’s an immigrant story about grit – anything is possible. My parents came from farming families in Taiwan – where studying meant trying to find light to read after tending to the fields. Through sheer perseverance, they found their way – with no money – to get PhDs in their fields. Like so many immigrants, their story is about “making it better for the next generation.” And for me, they are the ultimate representation of hard work, resourcefulness, and unconditional love. I am so deeply touched by their sacrifice that it has unconsciously become one of my great motivators in life. Making our family “better” gives me joy because it brings them joy and in a way, almost seems to honor them. It’s always been a dream (a “life project that I want to get around to doing”) to capture and codify their stories – so that my kids can understand, internalize, and be proud of where they came from.  

Anne-Louise: For me, family is about joy and fulfillment. They’re a lively bunch who have shaped so much of who I am. In the summertime, we all come together and sit around a big round table and talk loudly in parallel (my husband was shocked...how do you hear each other?).  But it's not rudeness – it’s exuberance. We have so much enthusiasm for what we've done that day, or what the other has done, that it pours out in an organized cacophony of voices. It was like this growing up – with my lively Italian family on one side, and my big Southern family on the other.  We all have different passions – medicine, sports, horticulture, art, business – but we all approach them in a similar way...with dedication, and knowing that intertwined with our hard work, is *joy*.  That's where all that enthusiasm comes from. I hope to model the *fulfillment* that comes from doing what you love for my son.


Fire Round FAQs

Biggest anxiety about being a parent?

  • H: Balancing the *reality* that I do have expectations … with the *desire* not to have them

  • AL: Toeing the line between supporting my son enough and letting him figure it out on his own.

Favorite play memory as a kid?

  • H: Watching Matlock (which was the only show that came through clearly on our tiny TV) and eating frozen pizza after school with my sister. It sounds so boring - but it was our ritual.

  • AL: Climbing rocks, catching crabs and finding seaglass on Pebble Beach with my sister <3

Favorite toy / material / tool - as a kid?

  • H: AnneOfGreenGables - books on tape. I listened to it every night and almost memorized the first two chapters. I love Anne - her spirit, character, imagination.

  • AL: Legos - which I used to build house floor plans and decorate each room. Barbies - I made clothes for them (using anything I could find, including medical tape as cloth).